Debate “The Other Heritage”

Debate “The Other Heritage”

May 5th, 17:30, Barabar Centre, Hotel Grand, 4th Floor

The debate “The Other Heritage” aims to explore the concept of “The Other Serbia,” which represents the part of the Serbian population who were against the wars of the 90s and nationalistic politics with an emphasis on the anti-war legacy of Srđa Popović, a human right lawyer from Serbia.

During the debate, the panelists will explore the concept of “The Other Serbia” and analyze the role it played in the post-war era. They will also delve into the challenges that “The Other Serbia” faced during and after this period, including difficulties in confronting the past and promoting a different vision of the future.

The discussion will also focus on the cultural and artistic heritage of “The Other Serbia” and how it contributed to the creation of a more pluralistic and democratic society. The panelists will discuss the works of prominent writers and musicians who emerged from this movement and explore how their works reflected their time’s political and social realities.

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