Promotion of the book “The Other Serbia: Srđa Popović” by Shkëlzen Gashi

Promotion of the book “The Other Serbia: Srđa Popović” by Shkëlzen Gashi

May 5th, 17:00, Barabar Centre, Hotel Grand, 4th Floor

“The Other Serbia” project has compiled a collection of the attitudes of Serbian intellectuals who opposed the severe violations of the human rights of the Albanians in Kosovo, by the Serb authorities, in the period from the abolition of Kosovo’s autonomy by Serbia, on 23 March 1989, up to NATO’s entry into Kosovo, on 12 June 1999, and even later. The third volume, published last year by ADMOVERE, contains excerpts from articles and interviews of one of the most prominent Serbian intellectuals, the lawyer Srđa Popović [1937–2013], in which he talks about the brutal violations of the rights of Albanians in Kosovo during the 90s. In addition, the fragments in which Popović expresses his thoughts on the independence of Kosovo and its relations with Serbia, but also on the Albanian-Serbian relations in general, are included with particular importance.

This publication is a modest recognition of the great contribution this exceptional intellectual had in defending the human rights of Kosovo Albanians, as well as the contribution to a peaceful and friendly solution to the conflict between Albanians and Serbs, and their coexistence based on mutual tolerance and understanding.

The promotion of the book “The Other Serbia: Srđa Popović” will be held on 5 of May at 17:00 in the Barabar Centre in Prishtina as part of the festival “Mirëdita, dobar dan!”

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