“Mirëdita, dobar dan!” 2020 Festival Opening

“Mirëdita, dobar dan!” Festival Opening

22nd October, 6 P.M. at the Centre for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade (21 Birčaninova Street)

We would like to invite you to the opening of the seventh “Mirëdita, dobar dan!” Festival on October 22 at 6 P.M. at the Centre for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade (21 Birčaninova Street).


The “Mirëdita, dobar dan!” Festival is a unique cultural event that has been bringing Kosovo cultural and social scene to the Belgrade audience since 2014. Alongside presenting the artists and performers, representatives of contemporary Kosovo cultural scene, the Festival seeks to initiate change and foster a tradition of co-operation by bringing together Serbian and Kosovo social and cultural communities, and thus contribute to lasting normalisation of relations between Belgrade and Pristina.


This year’s “Mirëdita, dobar dan!” Festival will be opened by Kushtrim Koliqi’s play “I am my own wife”, starring Adrian Morina, who, as the sole actor on the scene, plays more than 30 characters and brings a story about a difficult life of a transgender person – Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, a German, who survived the Nazi regime and the Stasi.


The inspiration for the “Mirëdita, dobar dan!” Festival is Bekim Fehmiu, a well-known Albanian, Kosovo, Belgrade, Yugoslav and global actor who is a symbol of both unity and division, but also of a potential for connecting the two cultural spaces into a whole.


The “Mirëdita, dobar dan!” Festival is free of charge.

Registration for event

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of visitors at the festival is limited. Please announce your arrival by simply registering on following form. All the events will be held in accordance with anti-epidemic measures to prevent spreading of Covid-19.