“La Fazani” Concert

“La Fazani” Concert

June 28, 21:00, Elektropionir (Cetinjska 15)

“La Fazani” embodies the artistic persona of Arber Salihu, a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer hailing from Prishtina. This accomplished composer, recognized for his music in film and theater, boasts numerous awards and has contributed to several albums with various bands.

Since 2022, Salihu has been driving the creative force behind “La Fazani,” delivering a unique blend of hip-hop, rock and roll, Albanian folk, and African rhythms. Their musical tapestry is adorned with vibrant lyrics, often reflecting the social fabric of Kosovo. In October 2023, Salihu clinched the prize at Kosovo’s inaugural competition for the “Eurovision Song Contest” representative, despite the event’s lack of official recognition.

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