Exhibition “Kosovo – memory heritage”

Exhibition “Kosovo – memory heritage”

23rd October, 6 P.M. at Endžio hub, Dobračina street 4

The exhibition of photographs “Kosovo – memory heritage” contributes to the social dialogue on the complex and burning topic of cultural heritage in the territory of Kosovo. The topic is ongoing in both Serbian and Kosovo public discourse, as well as behind closed doors of Brussels offices, where negotiations on this topic are being held.


However, even though the topic of cultural heritage is talked about a lot, it is rarely discussed, especially between the two societies and between the two nations.


The exhibition is based on Korab Krasniqi’s, forumZFD Kosovo, photographs that were originally published as part of the 2017 “Memory heritage in Kosovo” publication. Three years later, it seems that the political and media elites of both societies, but also the public, are even further away than they were at that time, despite the process of normalization of relations, which was at the leadership level renewed this year.


“Everything belongs to us and they are just savages and criminals” – is a concept that is heard in both Albanian and Serbian, mostly packaged in milder forms and policies, but more often than not and without hesitation in the mainstream media and public space.


With the exhibition “Kosovo – memory heritage” and the debate that accompanies it, the festival “Mirëdita, dobar dan” gives the opportunity for the voices of reason, cooperation, and peace to be heard. Nationalist exclusivities, which feed each other, have had a monopoly on the discussion of memory, legacy, and cultural heritage for too long. Because they cannot survive without each other, extreme nationalisms are loud and are heard far, while the voices of civil society are muffled.


The concept of civil and open society is incompatible with violence, lawlessness, and nationalism. We are looking for answers to questions such as: What are the ways in which we can contribute to the societies we want to build by re-examining previous approaches and searching for the new ones?

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