Debate and book promotion “Living with memories of the missing”

18:00, Dorćol Platz, Dobračina 59

“Living with memories of the missing” is a book about the missing persons from the war in Kosovo, and about the people who continue to search for them. The book features 10 life stories of families whose loved ones went missing during the war, and the details of what they survived during the conflict, as well as the moments they realized their family members were gone.


“Living with memories of the missing” is a unique memoir, that doesn’t speak about the missing in statistical data, but rather gathers personal stories and fragments of the fate of those who went missing. The book encompasses stories about missing children, wives and husbands, families, forensic research, research obstacles, survivors of war crimes, trauma and the pursuit of truth.


Debate moderator: Nataša Govedarica

Panelists: Korab Krasniqi and Marijana Toma