“Cold November” film screening

20:00 Center for Cultural Decontamination, Birčaninova 21

The movie “Cold November” takes place during a time when the disintegration of Yugoslavia is in full swing, as the war in Croatia is ongoing, and when the then president of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milošević is working against the autonomy of Kosovo within Yugoslavia with full force.


The Albanian population in Kosovo is under pressure, massively losing their jobs from state and educational institutions, and although the start of a war is not yet evident, the desire for an independent country is felt strongly by the Albanian population. During a turbulent time in the nineties a choice comes before Albanians in Kosovo : Who is the true “patriot” and who is a “Serbian spy”?


The film “Cold November” features Fadil, father of two children, employed at a state institution archive, who is forced to choose between two evils in the whirlwind of rising tensions and pressures from the Slobodan Milošević regime.


Director: Ismet Sijarina

Cast: Kushtrim Hoxha, Adriana Matoshi, Fatmir Spahiu, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Beslim Mucaj, Gordana Boban…


The film “Cold November” is the first film Kosovo presented at the San Sebastian international film festival, where it received a nomination in the “New directors”category, and has received multiple awards and nominations at regional and international film festivals.

Entrance is free of charge.