Inclusion festival “Mirëdita, dobar dan” premiers in Vienna

Inclusion festival “Mirëdita, dobar dan” premiers in Vienna

We are really excited to announce that the inclusion and cross cultural festival “Mirëdita, dobar dan!” will celebrate its premier in Austria on 29 November 2023. The festival that has been held since 2014 in Serbia and Kosovo merges art, culture, advocacy and public debate in one platform. By bringing artists, human rights activists as well as opinion makers together, the festival aims to create inclusive spaces where otherwise often confrontation dominates. 

The first edition on 29th November in Vienna is organized by Civic Initiatives Austria, Integra and YIHR and is following the same goals. “There is a big community from the Balkans living in Vienna. Even though most of us are fully settled in Austria, there are still different values we carry from our backgrounds that might hold us back instead of bringing us together”, says initiator Bistra Kumbaroska. “Places of inclusion and joined activities help us overcome those and remind us of the true value and beauty of diversity. Because inclusion can be fun, when you don’t overthink it.”

All good things come in threes

Having fun together but also looking and opening up to each other’s differences is the core value of the first Austrian edition which also gets its own name. With a mixture of Balkan languages, the Austrian version of a friendly Hello is now added to the festival which results in  “mirëdita, dober den, servus”

However, there are not only 3 “hellos” in the name – the festival activities and locations also play with the number three. The festival (starting at 3pm by the way) is divided in 3 sections with three 3 activities, all dedicated to the topic of inclusion (see agenda). Further, it covers 3 locations all within a 70 meters triangle radius, including the Viennese cult cinema Breitenseer Lichtspiele.

Filmpremiere im Rahmen des Festivals

At the Breitenseer Lichtspiele festival visitors will have the opportunity to watch for free the Austrian premier of the new documentary by director Idro Seferi that was already screened in Belgium, Norway, Kosovo and Serbia. The movie is called First time Kosovo/Serbia and follows a group from Kosovo visiting Serbia before a group of Serbians explores Kosovo. After the movie premier, which will be introduced by the film director himself, the festival continues in the coworking space Widelake Bakery with light sports activities which invite younger participants, because “inclusion starts with the body, no matter what age.”, Bistra Kumbaroska explains. 

The final part of the festival will take place in the Viennese Beisl Anna&Jagetsberger and covers a small exhibition of the Serbian-born artist Natasa Katalina, a panel discussion – and of course an after party with a taste of a bit of Balkan and a bit of Austrian style. 

All festival locations are located on Breitenseer Straße, 1140 Vienna, U3 Hütteldorferstraße (exit Feilplatz). 

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