Theatre play Oh good days

Kalterim Balaj

// Saturday, Spetember 20th / 21h @ CZKD //

Short Bio of Kaltrim Balaj – Director

Kaltrim Balaj is a young theater director, born in year 1992 in Prishtina. In 2014 he finished his studies in Dramatic Arts at the University of Prishtina.
Kaltrim Balaj as a co-director of the play “Antigona”, won the “Best director” award in Skena Up Festival.
Also the in another edition of Skena Up Festival , Kaltrim Balaj has won another award as “Best director” for his theater play called “In Hospital”.

About Theater Play “Oh good days”

This play is about the life of a married couple, particularly the efforts of the wife trying to create a beautiful day. She starts to recall and remember all the days of her married life, hoping that she is going to find a beautiful one. While remembering all the married days, she concludes there is no a good day. Her life is a routine.

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